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Chain Saw Case

Made of durable plastic. For safe storage and transportation of petrol and electric chain saw models: MS 170, 171, 181, 201 T, 192 C-E, 211, 230, 231, 251, 240 C-M, 250, 261, 362, MSE 140, 180, (not MSE-C versions). Not suitable for MS 441.

Helmet Kit - Homeowner

Professional Helmet Kit General Helmet Kit - Professional Enlarge Designed for use with chainsaws. Features include: Helmet with easy ratchet adjustment. Steel Mesh Multi Fit visor with smooth cam-action movement. ComfortMAX High Noise Pro (High Noise) earmuffs: 30 db(A). Lambwool headband. Kit is compatible with all STIHL Multi Fit visors.

HP 2-Stroke Engine Oil

STIHL 2 stroke Lube is a specially developed lubricant for air-cooled two stroke engines. It can be mixed with leaded or unleaded petrol. The formulation utilises a mixed additive system to ensure a minimal ash deposit formation. STIHL 2 Stroke Lube provides the following performance benefits: It contains diluent; mixes easily with fuel; controls corrosion excellently; has a minimal ring wear and piston scuffing; cleans burning, assisting in maintaining cleaner combustion chambers, ports and mufflers.

HP Ultra 2-Stroke Engine Oil

Fully synthetic oil with exceptional lubrication properties. Burns with extremely low residue due to ash-free additive. Suitable for continuous use under the most demanding engine conditions. Performance class: JASO-FB, ISO-L-EGB. Fuel/oil ratio 1:50

Poly trailer

Trailer / Poly Garden Cart Height mm : 765mm Length mm : 1500mm Width mm : 935mm Fits : Ideal for towing behind ATV's ride on lawnmowers or pushed as a wheelbarrow Features : Converts from a trailer to a wheelbarrow in one easy step Ideal for towing behind ATV's ride on lawnmowers or pushed as a wheelbarrow. Features : Wide 16 x 6.50 x 8 block pattern tyres. Heavy duty rust proof tipping tray. Quality 6203RZ sealed ball bearings fitted to rims. Solid Steel frame. Dimensions : Body Size Length 1500mm x Width 935mm x Height 765mm Load Capacity : 300KG


Rat Barrow is a newly released Australian invention designed to improve material handling around the home and small farm. R A T stands for Ride on, Articulated, Tipping Barrow. Its patent applied design is a world first giving the user a safe and stable ride with incredible maneuverability, with loads up to 200kg. Powered by a key start 8.75 Professional Series Briggs and Stratton engine coupled with a Tuff Torq Hydro static transmission provides a reliable low maintenance drive train. The Rat Barrows frame is Black Hammertone Steel with UV stabilised poly tub and guards, which are completed with stainless steel fittings means your Rat Barrow will handle all the elements and last a lifetime.
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