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FS261 C-E

MORE COMFORT DURING LONG MOWING JOBS The STIHL FS 261 C-E petrol brushcutter supports professionals in large scale landscape maintenance, horticulture, and agriculture mowing tasks. The large mowing circle diameter of 300mm is ideal for large, complex mowing jobs. The STIHL FS 261 C-E features a powerful STIHL 2-MIX engine which combines high performance with economical consumption. The STIHL Easy2Start feature will allow you to start up the motor easily with just a gentle, even pull. Carry out onerous work efficiently, and with less energy with the ergonomic two-hand grip. An added benefit is the one-hand multifunction handle which lets you control the engine with just one hand. The extremely light and comfortable fully adjustable double harness, supplied as standard provides additional support, especially for longer periods of use, and evenly distributes the weight over your body. Note: The STIHL FS 261 C-E is supplied with 300-3 brush knife as standard.

FS361 C-E

The STIHL FS 361 C-EM petrol clearing saw very efficiently supports professional users in landscape maintenance, agriculture and municipal services in mowing, clearing overgrown areas and maintaining young trees. With its very large mowing circle of 300mm, the versatile and robust petrol clearing saw facilitates rapid progress in complex, large-scale mowing work. At the same time the high-torque, low-consumption STIHL 2-MIX engine ensures sufficient power, while the STIHL anti-vibration system produces only low levels of vibration as you mow with the professional clearing saw. This protects your muscles and joints, as does the ergonomic bike handle (mowing handle), which promotes a natural scything movement. STIHL Easy2Start enables you to start your petrol clearing saw effortlessly. The fully electronic STIHL M-Tronic engine management system also supports easy and comfortable starting and ensures optimum engine performance at all times. The FS 361 C-EM features the latest STIHL M-Tronic 3.0 version. The single-handed multi-function handle makes it possible to control the motor with just one hand. The stop button also assists you in quickly restarting the clearing saw after a break. Your local STIHL dealer can use a diagnostic socket to gain information about the machine life, repair and maintenance instructions for your STIHL FS 361 C-EM. Depending on the task at hand, you can equip the STIHL FS 361 C-EM petrol clearing saw with various cutting tools, such as a grass-cutting blade, shredder blade, circular saw blade or a range of mowing heads. You can find out how to change the cutting tool on your clearing saw in our guide section. The STIHL 300-3 brush knife supplied with the power tool is ideal for effectively mowing matted grass and scrub. Also included as standard: the STIHL ADVANCE universal harness for ergonomic working. The large mowing guard offers improved protection against flying cuttings and small stones. ACCESSOR


When it comes to getting long grass or wild growth under control, nothing makes it easier than the STIHL grass trimmers. Powerful and durable Grass Trimmer for domestic trimming and lawn edging.
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Compact, powerful and lightweight Grass Trimmer, easy to handle for domestic trimming and lawn edging.
$269.00 $299.00

FS45 C-E

Compact, powerful and lightweight Grass Trimmer for domestic trimming and lawn edging. Features Easy2Start technology for effortless starting.

FS461 C-EM

FS 461 C-EM PETROL BRUSHCUTTER: PARTICULARLY POWERFUL AND CONVENIENT FOR WORKING IN DIFFICULT TERRAIN. With a shaft length of 185 cm, the STIHL FS 461 C-EM L petrol-driven clearing saw is ideal for supporting particularly tall professionals in landscape maintenance, agriculture and municipal operations. It enhances ergonomics during long periods of mowing on difficult terrain, as well as offering extended reach, for example when thinning and removing tough, matted grass and scrub. The STIHL FS 461 C-EM L petrol-driven clearing saw provides efficient support for demanding, large-area mowing tasks. Aided by the extremely powerful and economical STIHL 2-MIX engine and a very large 300mm mowing circle diameter, you can complete your tasks more quickly than ever. Even starting the tool is easy, as the petrol-driven brushcutter features STIHL Easy2Start. STIHL M-Tronic 3.0 delivers optimum engine performance and a constant maximum engine speed. The ergonomic bike handle (mowing handle) supports a natural scything movement when mowing with the brushcutter, for comfortable use of the STIHL FS 461 C-EM L. The STIHL ADVANCE PLUS universal harness, supplied as standard, is an invaluable accessory if you work with the STIHL FS 461 C-EM L brushcutter for long periods. The STIHL anti-vibration system reduces vibrations during work to lift the strain on your muscles and joints. The single-handed multi-function handle also simplifies your work, as all engine functions can be operated with just one hand. Press the stop button to quickly restart your work after a break, without needing to switch the tool on and off.

FS55 C-E

Compact and lightweight Grass Trimmer for domestic and light-commercial mowing and clearing applications. Includes Easy2Start for effortless startin.

FS561 C-EM

Powerful STIHL 2.8kW brushcutter clearing saw with a reinforced 38mm shank. STIHL 4-point anti-vibration system, STIHL ErgoStart, multi-function handle, two-hand handle, tool-free handle adjustment, 2-MIX motor, STIHL M-Tronic, simple start logic, stop button, with ADVANCE PLUS forest belt. Perfect for forest fire prevention and for removing bushes and thorn trees.